15,000 NISA starts 1st July 2014
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Investor Appraisal

Before we can sign your client up to one of our services we need to make sure that we have assessed specific key areas of their requirements. These are:

Attitude to Investment Risk
Investment Objectives

This is not just a regulatory requirement; we need this information to ensure that we are providing the best possible service for you and your client, and that what we provide meets their expectations.

The attached document is designed to help us achieve this. However, we would also like the client to have read our 'Understanding Investment Risk' brochure, to ensure that they are aware of how different investments may or may not be suitable for them.

We have also provided a guide to help you assist your client when completing the Investor Appraisal. All of these documents can be down loaded from this page. However, if you would like copies posted to you please follow the link click here or call marketing on 0845 607 1914