2013 ISA allowance 11,520 deadline
5th April 2014
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Optimised Portfolio Service

The GHC Optimised Portfolio Services (OPS) provide a range of tailored discretionary managed portfolios, which are designed for those who wish to have their investments managed by a dedicated professional client executive utilising collective and direct investment vehicles.

Key features:

  • Discretionary Investment Management
  • Choice of 7 risk graded portfolio themes
  • A choice of collectives and direct investments - depending on your requirements
  • Diversification of your portfolio which helps to reduce risk and volatility
  • Active asset allocation using collars and caps (minimum and maximum) which enables us to take defensive positions in adverse market conditions
  • Minimum entry level of only £50,000
  • Professional investment management to ensure your portfolio continually reflects your personal objectives
  • Knowledge and use of specialised markets and asset classes not otherwise available to most private investors
  • Economies of scale to keep the costs of your portfolio to a minimum
  • Free suitability tests during the year