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Economic & Financial Market Reviews

GHC produce a variety of macroeconomic, financial, and market reports with both an historical and forward looking aspect. Many of these reports are free to professional intermediaries who are supporting us with business. However, they are also available on subscription to anyone wishing to use them.

Outlook for the Global Economy - A thorough assessment of the key economic themes that are driving financial markets at the time. The paper comprises tables and charts with supporting commentaries and concludes with a section on “implications for financial markets”. The document is the main driver behind the forecast and asset allocation strategies of GHC Capital Markets Limited, which are presented in Portfolio Strategy. Outlook for the Global Economy is a monthly publication.

Portfolio Strategy - This publication presents our recommendations as reflected in our portfolios for tactical asset allocation and investment strategy. It starts by evaluating recent developments in financial markets and establishing a valuation framework for each of the main bond and equity markets, before using 12-month total return projections to develop a model portfolio of assets. Recommended over and under-weighting strategies are explained. Published quarterly, the success of the model portfolio is monitored over time (back to 1998), and its performance compared with a benchmark portfolio. Detailed performance attribution determines the extent to which each call has added to overall portfolio performance. This report is only available by special permission.

Economics Monitor - is a separate quarterly publications covering UK and US consisting of a overview supported by tables and charts with commentary This report also includes an updated set of global economic and market forecasts.

Monthly Investment Report - A report summarising the main developments in the major economies and financial markets in a given period, together with an assessment of prospects for the year ahead.

Economic Data roundup – A weekly report with commentaries on the major economic data releases. The data is analysed in a medium term framework, drawing out the implications for financial markets.

Economic & Financial Market Review - A Half yearly summary of the main developments in the major economies and financial markets, together with an assessment of prospects for the year ahead.

Market 2 Market - This is a bi monthly publication designed to be branded with your company logo and contact details, which can be circulated to your clients. This document gives a brief overview of the market conditions and our resulting asset allocation calls, with a quick glance view of our sentiment to various asset classes.

To setup a 3 month free trail, or enquire further information regarding subscribing to this service please contact marketing on 0345 607 1914 or email Economic Reports.

If you are a Financial Adviser supporting us with business, please use the IFA Login section to download these reports. If you have not got an account login please contact marketing on 0345 607 1914 or email Economic Reports