15,000 NISA starts 1st July 2014
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GHC Paraplanning Service

GHC believe that a service based proposition should offer the professional intermediary as much choice as possible, and they should be able to choose how much or how little involvement they need to match a clients requirements. This is why we are pleased to have launched a range of GHC Paraplanning service which can be utilised either with or without our investment management proposition.

The GHC Paraplanning team will provide two types of service

  • A report writing service
  • A research and report writing service

The report writing only service means just that! GHC Paraplanning will produce for you a suitability report based on the information you send to us. In order to complete this we will need to be furnished with full and complete client details including the notes taken (soft facts) during the meetings and conversations along with full details of the solution being recommended to the client along with the corresponding research confirming those recommendations.

The report will not be able to be produced until all of this information is received.

For the research and report writing service the same full client information will be required (fact finds and meeting notes) along with an initial idea of the broad solution you are considering for your client.

Once we have this we will then be able to refine the research for you and conduct this, along with producing the suitability report before sending it to you for approval.

If you would like further information on what we can provide please email cutomerservices@ghcl.co.uk or call marketing on 0845 607 1914.