Consumer Duty

The Consumer Duty has been designed by the FCA to set higher and clearer standards of consumer protection across financial services and to improve the quality of products and services to retail investors. The Consumer Duty will become a Principle of the FCA’s Principles for Businesses.


The Consumer Duty is aimed to provide four outcomes:


  • firms acting in good faith
  • avoiding foreseeable harm
  • helping customers to achieve their financial objectives
  • clear communication with customers


GHC Capital Markets has always focused on providing the best possible service to all of our customers irrespective of which service they have opted for. We have been collaborating with a number of external partners and companies and believe we are well placed to help our clients and distributors of our services (and their retail clients) to achieve their long-term goals with good outcomes.


We will review the Consumer Duty policy of any firm that we may wish to partner with in future. Our Investment Management team will review the Consumer Duty of those fund manager whose funds we may wish to invest in.


We undertake to apply the Consumer Duty at all times during our customers relationship with us.