Investment Management solutions tailored to your clients’ needs

Investment Management solutions tailored to your clients’ needs


GHC offer you and your clients a comprehensive range of investment solutions. Including active and passive portfolios, income portfolios and our own in-house fund. See below for more details or get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Dynamic Core Satellite Plus

The benefits of an active service with the cost of a passive

Optimised Portfolio Service

Actively managed, risk graded, discretionary, multi asset portfolios

Income Selector

Portfolios designed to provide a regular income whilst still achieving capital growth

Bespoke Portfolio Service

Discretionary managed portfolios, individually tailored. Includes ESG and SRI options

WS Resilient MM Balanced Managed Fund

Our in-house fund designed to provide a long term total return

Advisory Managed Investment Service

Portfolios for clients who want to be more involved in investment decisions

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