Anti bribery and corruption policy

Bribery is a form of corruption. It is the giving, offering or promising, or requesting or agreeing to receive, any gift, fee or other reward as an incentive to do something that is illegal, dishonest or a breach of trust.

The GHC group of companies are rightfully proud of their reputation for lawful, honest and fair business activity. The GHC group will safeguard that reputation and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics. To that end the GHC group operates a zero tolerance policy towards any form of bribery or corruption.

This policy applies to all staff, executives, appointed representatives and any consultants employed in relation to all activities undertaken on behalf of the group and its wholly owned subsidiaries.

The group does not sanction corrupt behaviour under any circumstances.

We do not, nor will we ever, engage in bribery or corruption in any of our activities. We will always report any potential illegal activity or approach to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

We restrict the giving and receiving of gifts and hospitality.

We maintain records of all our financial transactions.

We expect that all of our various counterparties will uphold the Bribery Act 2010 in the same manner. We will not do business, nor enter into a joint venture, with any supplier, consultant, utility provider, nor any other corporate entity or individual who does not uphold the same values and principles.

A copy of the group policy is available on request.