Restricted advice

We offer a comprehensive financial planning service that may utilise a number of Retail Investment Products as defined by the FCA. Where appropriate for your own personal financial needs we may recommend the use of certain Retail Investment Products to achieve your financial goals.

Certain Retail Investment Products and other financial services are offered by our associate company, GHC Capital Markets Limited, which is also authorised and regulated by the FCA. These financial products and services include:

  • New Individual Savings Accounts (NISA)
  • Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISA)
  • General Investment Accounts
  • Investment Portfolio Accounts, including advisory and discretionary portfolio management
  • Share Dealing

As a consequence, when we give you advice that requires the use of any of these financial products and services then the advice will be restricted as we will recommend our associate company.

In all other areas of financial planning we are unbiased and ‘whole of market’, where we make our recommendations based upon a fair analysis of the relevant market.

You should consider carefully all the above when deciding whether to use our services. Please note that we are not bound by any agreement with any other product provider when giving advice on investment products and as such we are able to select suitable investments on all stock-market investments and other similar products