Bespoke Portfolio Service


Discretionary managed portfolios, individually tailored. Includes ESG and SRI options

Actively managed discretionary investments designed for those who wish to have their portfolio designed and managed in a way unique to them. This could include ethically focused portfolios, or portfolios constructed to complement existing investments such as property.

  • Can include both collectives and direct investments - depending on your requirements
  • ESG and SRI portfolios available
  • Diversified portfolios helping reduce risk and volatility
  • Knowledge and use of specialised markets and asset classes not otherwise available to most private investors
  • Continually monitored and actively managed portfolio, reacting quickly to global investment opportunities
  • Risk graded to match your clients’ appetite for risk
  • Dedicated access to your investment manager including availability for client meetings
  • Available for general investment accounts (GIAs), ISAs, JISAs, SIPPs and SSASs
  • Minimum investment £100,000

As with all of our discretionary managed portfolios, the benefits go far beyond the expertise of our investment managers

• Outsourcing investment management to experts like GHC frees up your time allowing you to focus on creating and developing your client relationships
• A personal service from your own dedicated investment manager gives real accountability for your clients’ investment performance
• Online access for both you and your clients to view their investments