Advisory Managed Investment Service


Portfolios for clients who want to be more involved in investment decisions

Advisory Managed portfolios are designed for clients who wish to have their investments managed by a dedicated professional investment manager whilst still maintaining control over investment decisions

• Choice of risk graded portfolios
• Clients can invest in both collectives and direct investments
• Diversification of your client’s portfolio helping to reduce risk and volatility
• Minimum entry level of only £100,000
• Professional fund management to ensure portfolios can continually reflects your client’s personal objectives
• Knowledge and use of specialised markets and asset classes not otherwise available to most private investors
• Your client has the final say in any investment decision

With our advisory managed portfolios, the benefits go far beyond the expertise of our investment managers

• Outsourcing investment management to experts like GHC frees up your time allowing you to focus on creating and developing your client relationships
• A personal service from your own dedicated investment manager gives real accountability for your clients’ investment performance
• Online access for both you and your clients to view their investments