Dynamic Core Satellite Plus


The benefits of an active service with the cost of a passive

This service is a clever way of blending the benefits of the low costs of a passive portfolio and the reactiveness of an actively managed portfolio. This is achieved by combining index funds, offering lower cost, broader diversification, tax efficiency and lower volatility, with an actively managed fund offering potential for outperformance.

• Regularly reviewed portfolio
• Risk graded to match your clients’ appetite for risk
• Dedicated access to your investment manager including availability for client meetings
• Available for general investment accounts (GIAs), ISAs, JISAs, SIPPs and SSASs
• Minimum investment £25,000

As with all of our discretionary managed portfolios, the benefits go far beyond the expertise of our investment managers

• Outsourcing investment management to experts like GHC frees up your time allowing you to focus on creating and developing your client relationships
• A personal service from your own dedicated investment manager gives real accountability for your clients’ investment performance
• Online access for both you and your clients to view their investments