WS Resilient MM Balanced Managed Fund


Our in-house fund designed to provide a long term total return

This is GHC’s actively managed in-house fund designed to achieve a long term total return by primarily investing in collective investment schemes. The fund offers your customers access to a global range of investments including, Global Fixed Interest, International Equities, Commodities, Commercial Property & Infrastructure, UK Equities, UK Fixed Interest, and Cash & Money Market investments.

  • Diversification – The fund of funds approach offers you a one-stop solution to the problems of fund selection and diversification
  • Ideal core holding - A ready-made and diversified portfolio of holdings within one easy investment
  • Actively managed - Continually monitored and actively managed fund, reacting quickly to global investment opportunities
  • Balance/risk management - Investment risk is spread across a broad range of funds, meaning that your customers’ portfolio is not dependent on just one fund, asset class or geographical region
  • Tax efficiency - Within a fund of funds, funds can be switched as often as is necessary without incurring Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Available on the Ascentric, Elevate, Aviva, Aegon, Standard life, Transact and Novia platforms



The Prospectus and KIID for the WS Resilient MM Balanced fund can be found in the documents list below or on the Weystone (UK) Limited website. Use the following link for details: