Inheritance Tax Planning

Looking after what is yours

It should be recognised, particular with the rise of property prices over recent decades, that a proportion of your wealth may have to be used to meet a liability for tax after death.

Careful Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning can help mitigate the amount of your estate that is paid to HMRC and make sure as much as possible is passed to your beneficiaries.  It is also very important that the outcome of this planning process allows for future flexibility of, and control over, the arrangements that are made to make sure you can maintain the lifestyle to which you are accustomed.

GHC Wealth Management can, through understanding your current wealth, your family structure, any businesses you may have, your life stage, and your aspirations for your retirement, recommend how best to minimise the amount of Inheritance Tax paid.  These recommendations may include a combination of the following:

  • Writing of wills and trusts (whereby we will work closely with your solicitors to provide a joint plan)
  • The prudent use of lifetime gifts
  • The use of IHT efficient investment funds
  • A Life Assurance policy

IHT planning will form part of any initial discussions we have you.  It will be taken into account in the recommendations we make to you and will be re-assessed at future review meeting to make sure your arrangements remain suitable for your ongoing needs.