Pension advice

Sound, expert pension advice from a qualified and experienced pension adviser

Being able to retire, knowing that you are financially secure and have the means to really enjoy all that free time – holidays, hobbies, family – is something we all aspire to.
A robust plan in the years before you retire, and careful management of your finances once you have retired can make this aspiration a reality.

We recognise that in the years leading up to retirement effective planning is essential.  It gives you the chance to take maximum advantage of

  • Available tax reliefs
  • The savings you may already have
  • The pension plans you may already have

A plan allows you to determine a date when you want to retire or determine a size of pension you need to save for before you retire.

Once you've retired you will need to determine how to best create an income from your existing pensions and how to plan for your beneficiary's inheritance.

The key to organising this appropriately is sound, expert pension advice from a qualified and experienced pension adviser.  GHC Wealth Management has this expertise to advise you on the most appropriate path to enable you get whatever it is you want out of your retirement.
We can advise you on all aspects of

  • Capital growth strategies
  • Strategies for generating income whilst preserving capital
  • Different types of investments, pension schemes and plans
  • Pension transfers

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