Personal Financial Planning

Working together towards your secure financial future

A robust financial plan is an essential tool if you really want to be confident of a secure financial future

GHC Wealth Management adopts a rigorous process to help us truly understand your personal financial goals and objectives, leading to the creation of your unique financial plan.

Our Wealth Management Process

Our process is an ongoing cycle where changes to your personal circumstances are discussed through regular contact, allowing your financial plan to constantly evolve to reflect your current needs and circumstances.   Your financial adviser will listen, gather the necessary information and guide you along your way.

Only when together you have evaluated and analysed your requirements with your financial planner (adviser) will your personal financial plan be developed, creating your roadmap to achieving your financial goals and objectives.  The core benefit of working with us at GHC Wealth Management is that we will give you a real understanding of your finances, thus allowing you to be fully in control of your financial future.  Also see Pension advice and Investment sections

1. Establish your goals

We believe that this is the most important part of the whole process.   Firstly, your short, medium, and long-term financial goals and objectives will be established and prioritised. Together with your financial adviser you will think about the potential financial implications of achieving those goals, the affordability of achieving these goals, and your aspirational timescales.

Your personal attitude towards investment risk and your capacity to sustain a loss will be very carefully assessed to make sure that any investments you may consider are appropriate and suitable for you.

2. Gather information

The gathering of information will occur as part of the establishing your goals as well as after.  We will assess your:

  • Current wealth, including property, savings and pensions
  • Income, including salary, pension payments, dividends from existing investments, and any other income you may have

3. Evaluate and Analyse your current situation

Once we have gathered and understood all the necessary information we need from you (and where appropriate your existing providers e.g. pension companies) the next step is to closely analyse this.
Using the latest analysis techniques, we will develop an in depth understanding of your current wealth and how this is performing against your financial goals and timescales. At this point any gap between where you are and where you want to be will become apparent.

4. Develop and present your financial plan

Using the knowledge we have gained we will then develop a financial strategy and plan designed to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be. As necessary, this will take into account:

  • Appropriate investment solutions
  • Efficient use of tax wrappers such as ISAs
  • Use of trusts
  • Gifting

When your plan is complete we will present to you for you to consider.  You plan will be written in a style and a language that is clear, unambiguous and easy to understand.   We understand that you may want to question and amend some aspects of what we present and this is, of course, seen as part of the process.

Once everything is to your satisfaction we will provide you with an electronic or hard copy of your plan, and securely store our own copy

5. Implementation of your plan

Once everything is agreed we will set to getting everything in place.  We will keep you informed throughout this process.

6. Monitor and review plan

To make sure your plan remains on track we will regularly monitor its performance and how it is progressing against the plan.  We will also organise regular meeting with you to see if you require any adjustments or if your personal circumstances have changed.  We are of course always available should you wish to discuss your plan or notify us of any changes in between these regular review meetings.